Bilingual 2 Person ENG Camera Crews sample rates per day:
- HDCAM/DVCPRO HD/Digibeta/Betacam SP/DVCPRO/DVCAM/: 160,000 yen (1500 USD)
- HDV/Mini DV: 125,000 yen (1250 USD)
includes camera, tripod, monitor, shotgun and 2 pin mics, Lowell lighting, accessories. Additional equipment and quotes available on request.
ONE PERSON crew also available.
Additional Production Services
Experienced bilingual producer / driver (one person): 50,000 yen per day
Bilingual producer with production manager / driver (two people):
75,000 yen per day
Preproduction and location scouting services: 30,000 yen per day
Editing, motion graphics and animation: 40,000 per day
Equipment rental (in addition to crew hire only): prices available on request
Narration services:
audio samples and estimates available on request
Theatre production with video and multimedia services: contact us for details
Kyoto International Conference Hall web broadcast studio: 15,000 yen per day